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multi2IBgard® is Different: The Properties of Peppermint Oil

When peppermint oil has a targeted delivery, it can have an influential effect on the GI tract. The primary component of peppermint oil is l-Menthol. The anti-spasmodic activity of l-Menthol helps calm the uncontrolled spasms in IBS via calcium-channel-mediated relaxation of smooth muscle to restore normal peristalsis 8.

Its analgesic properties reflect l-Menthol’s kappa opioid agonist activity to help reduce abdominal pain 9. Unlike other kappa opioid agonists that have been clinically evaluated, free l-Menthol is not detected in the plasma in subjects that have taken l-Menthol orally. In other words, it works locally 10.

The bloating and the gas observed in IBS patients can be caused by entrapment of gas in the small intestine 4. The carminative action of l-Menthol is helpful to control bloating 11.

It is now known that the microbiome in the small intestine is altered in IBS patients 5. The antimicrobial property of peppermint oil helps manage intestinal dysbiosis 12.


POchartPeppermint Oil is a Well-Studied Ingredient

Since 1979, 14 placebo-controlled clinical studies have shown peppermint oil’s efficacy in IBS. In one clinical study, 75% of patients treated with peppermint oil experienced a >50% reduction in total IBS symptoms compared to placebo. Efficacy was maintained after a 4-week wash out period 13.

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