Proudly certified by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF)

IBgard® proudly displays the CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction which indicates that the Foundation acknowledges the efficacy and safety of IBgard for the relief and improvement of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms including abdominal pain within 24 hours.

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About the CDHF

The CDHF provides expert advice and compassionate support to the millions of Canadians who suffer from digestive disorders.

The CDHF can help you recognize symptoms that could be related to digestive disorders, understand specific digestive diseases, connect with others who have similar experiences, and find effective ways to manage your digestive health.

The CDHF is directly connected to Canada's leading digestive health experts, physicians, scientists and other health care professionals through its relationship with the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology.

For more information on protecting and enhancing your digestive health, please visit the CDHF website at

Legal: The CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction is not a substitute for a physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment of a new or pre-existing condition.

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